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Marcelo Ramírez Ávila
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Centre d'études des phénomènes non-linéaires et des systèmes complexes - CP 231
Bld. du Triomphe
Campus Plaine
B-1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

Phone: +32-026505529

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    Alan Turing

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  • Periódico "La Razón" de La Paz
    Periódico "El Diario" de La Paz
    Periódico "Los Tiempos" de Cochabamba
    Periódico "El Deber" de Santa Cruz
    Periódico "El Mundo" de Santa Cruz

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    Do you remember Terminator II? So, you are hearing the most important song of this film from the faboulous Guns'n'Roses Moreover is one of the favorites songs of my "Cher Petit Frère Luis" and a symbol of our fraternity.
    Do you want to listen other Guns'n'Roses' songs?
    Sorry, in fact I have the next titles:
    November Rain ,... Patience ... We Will Rock You (*),... Civil War
    but my homesite doesn't allow me to put them on this page

    And for my friend Jordan Kenobi: A special song , so do you remember the Offspring's concert in Brussels on April 97?
    (*) Although I love Guns, I must recognize that Queen's original version is much better
    Updated: Sun Jul 20 23:20:05 MET DST 2000