Utterance Interpretation and cognitive models (UICM4)


The fourth issue of the conference « Utterance Interpretation and Cognitive Models » (UICM 4) took place in Brussels 02-03 September 2013 with, as keynote speakers:

  1. Elisabeth Camp (University of Pennsylvania)

  2. Raymond Gibbs (University of California, Santa Cruz)

  3. Rachel Giora (University of Tel Aviv)

  4. Marina Terkourafi (University of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois)

UCIM4 is the fourth of bi-annual series of conferences organised in Brussels. The first edition addressed the issue of the semantics / pragmatics interface; the second edition broadened the perspective by inviting the views of scholars from the related subfields of syntax, cognitive linguistics and evolutionary linguistics, while the third gathered researchers mainly interested in the developmental and cognitive determinants of utterance interpretation.

For this edition we focused on questions related to implicit contents in utterance interpretation: pragmatic inferences, related to non-literal contents and affective contents, style effects, indirect speech acts, displays of politeness.

Keeping with the general spirit of the series, the conference aims at reaching across disciplinary boundaries and bringing together researchers taking a view of interpretation that is informed by cognitive concerns in order to discuss the challenging and exciting issues concerning implicit communication. (Organisatory Committee.pdf)

Daniela Rossi & Nicolas Ruytenbeek

Brussels, September 02-03, 2013