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raffaella toncelli

Raffaella TONCELLI

Cell Phone: +33 6 18 92 36 12

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Scientific Activities and Research interests

Philosophy and History of Science: The History of the Equivalence Principle, Epistemology of Einstein and Poincaré, History of General Relativity and Special Relativity, The rôle of fundamental principles in Physics (in particular: principle of relativity and principle of least action). The Interpratation of Quantum Mechanics and EPR argument

Physics: Gravitational Experiences

Educational and academic background

2010: PhD in Sciences at the ULB (Belgium). Thesis title: Le rôle des principes dans la construction des théories relativistes de Poincaré et Einstein.
PhD Director: Prof. Pierre Marage. President of Jury: Prof. Marc Henneaux

2006: DEA en Sciences à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

2001-2004: Researcher, member of the Space Mechanics Group of Pisa University (assegno di ricerca)

2000-2001: Researcher, member of the Space Mechanics Group of Pisa University (contratto di ricerca)

May 2000: Laurea degree in Mathematics (Celestial Mechanics) at Pisa University. The laurea degree thesis took place into the "GG: Galileo Galilei" project, proposed by the Space Mechanics Group of Pisa University, devoted to testing the Equivalence Principle in space. In my thesis I carried out a physical model to study tidal effects on the GG satellite and on its prototype on the ground (at the moment under construction in San Piero a Grado, at INFN laboratories, where it is operational).

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